21 Dec 2022

What is a parcel locker?

In concrete terms, a parcel locker is a secure locker with the purpose of receiving packages.

Expedibox • Commercial

24 Feb 2022

Three great benefits of having a smart parcel locker in your business

For your E-Commerce, Local Business or Pharmacy, make it easier for your customers to do Click & Collect Orders with Expedibox Smart Parcel Lockers

Rafaël Côté-Rioux • Commercial

22 Dec 2021

December: a busy time for the postal network

Rafaël Côté-Rioux • Commercial

25 Nov 2021

Click-and-collect: A competitive advantage for your business

Whether you’re a pharmacy, a retail store, or any other type of business, Expedibox helps you make life easier not only for your customers, but...

Rafaël Côté-Rioux • Commercial

12 Sep 2021

New procedure for Expedibox and Amazon!

Patrick Arseneau • Immobilier

17 Dec 2020

Put an end to parcel theft in your building!

Expedibox, a secure service with state-of-the-art technology.

Patrick Arseneau • Smart Parcel Locker

07 May 2020

The smart locker, an adjustable support at all times

The smart locker, an adjustable support at all times

Alexandre Vignola Côté • Smart Parcel Locker

05 Feb 2020

How can you get rid of the constant parcels that pike up in a residential building?

From December 9th 2019, over 28 million parcels have been delivered, and their destination in large part was in the lobbies of online consumers1. Is...

Élyane Jourdenais-Lemaire • Smart Parcel Locker

17 Jan 2020

Delivery of parcels at work: A solution or a problem?

Should you encourage the delivery or personal parcels at the office despite the issues that arise from parcel management at the workplace? Is it worth...

Alexandre Vignola Côté • Smart Parcel Locker

06 Nov 2019

What is a smart locker?

A universal issue

Élyane Jourdenais-Lemaire • Smart Parcel Locker

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