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Smart lockers for the management of your tenant’s parcels?

Our smart lockers are a practical solution to the issues that arise from the delivery of parcels to your tenants. Because their satisfaction is key!

Your front desk or concierge won’t need to manage parcels, losses or thefts, and your tenants can themselves pick-up their parcels easily!


More satisfied tenants

Your tenants will always receive their parcels, even if they’re not home!

Goodbye to theft!

Your parcels will never be left without surveillance at the front of your building or door.

No parcel accumulation

Your entrance, common areas, and hallways will stay cleared of parcels.

No parcel management

Your building’s concierge won’t have to manage your tenant’s parcels; smart locker will take care of it!

Customizable lockers

The exterior of our lockers is as customizable as the platform that accompanies it! The lockers can be branded to the image and look of your building.

Together, let’s find a solution to the issues related to home delivery for your tenants.

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