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Smart Locker Room

Powered by Expedibox, ExpediLock is a smart locker room that allows you to rent a protected space for a set amount of time. In addition to replacing the traditional locker or changing rooms, ExpediLock allows you to generate revenue while offering an enhanced experience to your customers.

A turnkey product that is intuitive, ExpediLock does not require any human management. Expedibox takes care of everything from the management of the codes, to the payment system, and technical support 7 days a week.

Our service comes with an online management platform that offers statistical usage data, transaction tracking, sending invoices to customers, as well as payment reports.

The system only requires the use of a cell phone by users.


  • 1.5mm resistant canadian steel
  • Modular lockers for various spaces
  • 4G internet connection
  • Touchscreen
  • Camera
  • Accessible API for various integrations
  • Credit card payment system
  • Access management portal and order tracking


Autonomous system

Requires no key management, access, or support on your part. Available 24/7.

100% Automated Source of Income

Once installed, the lockers are ready to use, with no extra effort on your part. Each month, you receive your earnings by direct payment with a usage report.

Turnkey service

We provide the lockers, internet, payment platform and technical support to your users. You provide the space and a standard electrical outlet.

Locally made

Expedibox is a Canadian-based company with lockers made right here!

Simple and intuitive

Using a cell phone, your customers can easily create their reservation and use the opening codes.

Flexible pricing options

Easily customizable dynamic pricing options (hourly, fixed or flat rate).

Increased security

Without human error or the need for a key, and with photo capture, your customers will be at ease knowing their goods will not be stolen.

Customization of the lockers

You can choose the color of your lockers, as well as their dimensions. An additional visual dressing is also available.


  • Customizable logos, icons, and colors
  • Modular lockers for various spaces
  • Customizable messaging system

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