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Expedibox has developed a complete tool management solution that can be integrated into any existing operational chains. Our solution allows for the complete management of the order process, follow-up, approval, analysis and inventory delivery in a totally decentralized way. Different access levels allow for the entire management of tooling distribution to be completed quickly, efficiently, and at low cost. A technician can quickly search through an online inventory, reserve a tool and receive the pick-up code as soon as their order is approved. Contact us for more information.


  • 1.5mm resistant steel
  • Modular lockers for various spaces
  • 4G internet connection
  • Touchscreen
  • Camera
  • Accessible API for various integrations
  • Performance analysis
  • Real-time temperature readings
  • Maximum of 360 doors per set



The lockers, as well as the online platform, are customizable according to your day-to-day. Our smart lockers can adapt to overcome your delivery issues.

Easy to use

Whether it is to drop-off or pick up your parcel, Expedibox allows you to do it on your own in the blink of an eye.

Locally made

Expedibox is a Quebec-based company with lockers made right here!


No more waiting and making detours on your way home! You can pick-up your parcel in less than 10 seconds at the time that suits you.


Expedibox can be used by any type of delivery service or company.


Expedibox lockers are durable, shock-resistant and locked with unique codes.


  • Customizable logos, icons, and colors
  • Modular lockers for various spaces
  • Customizable messaging system

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