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Canada Post normally uses their lockers. For other delivery drivers, if the locker is well located, they strongly appreciate using them.

After installation, an agent visits the building for a day or two and notifies every delivery person of the existence of the locker and how it functions. We can also add visual signage to help delivery people. However, it’s impossible to ensure the use of the lockers. Every delivery person can choose to use it or not, at their convenience. In contrast, when lockers are well located (next to the entrance), the rate of use is extremely high. A good practice is to ask delivery people to use the lockers when you open the front door of your building through the intercom.

You can choose any number of managers to have access to the managing platform. This allows you to know in real time the status of the locker, to add new managers and to update the list of members. Expedibox takes care of everything else: 24/7 technical support, locker inspection and parts maintenance!

One to three months. Three months if we don’t have the specific lockers you require in our inventory.

Yes. It’s one of 3 options. We offer rental, purchase and a lease-purchase option (rental with accumulated credit to acquire our lockers after a certain number of years).

Yes, with no issues. We are already integrated to several of them. This is the type of customized service that we offer.

Yes. The manager can determine the number of days before the platform sends out a reminder to the residents who haven’t picked up their parcel. Afterwards, a reminder is sent every day.

Automated reminders are sent out every 24 hours. The manager can also decide to remove the parcels at any time, because they have access to the retrieval codes of all the lockers in use.

Yes. Our rental unit allows for that with a 12 month contract. Whether you are satisfied or not, you can decide to continue or halt the service, and even attach more lockers to the unit.

It is strongly advised. It’s the most reliable system for sending notifications, but our system also sends out an SMS if a phone number is associated to the account of the resident. We also have a mobile app that can set notification settings and send out notifications.

Never. Our lockers are secure and allow for traceability thanks to our photo-taking system during drop-off and pick-up as well as our usage history.

Yes. We have a team available 7 days a week by phone to assist you. The number is indicated under the touchscreen of our lockers.

Yes. The entire palette of the RAL colour chart (www.ralcolor.com) can be used. We can also cover the unit with additional film for a more detailed aesthetic, for an additional cost (20$ per square meter).

We have a maintenance team that visits the lockers every 6 months, as well as a support team capable of travelling on site for repairs within a 24-48 hour delay.

It’s not necessary, but there has to be an internet wire connected between them to ensure communication between lockers.

We offer several models of lockers and extensions with doors of different sizes, according to your needs. We offer units with 1 to 20 doors. The door sizes vary from small to large. We can also create bespoke measurements.

This can vary. We offer units with 1 to 20 doors. The door sizes vary from small to large.

Our current lockers can support temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero. We offer outdoor lockers, but they are a bit more expensive because they have to be reinforced with steel. The top also has to be covered.

We can add up to 15 Expedibox units next to each other to achieve a maximum of 400 doors on the same network.

Yes, Expedibox can distribute and operate parcel lockers in all Canada.