The Smart Locker

Simplify parcel delivery in real time.
A turnkey solution for your parcel management


The Expedibox solution

Sending and receiving parcels should always be simple, quick and secure. You deserve a turnkey service that guarantees this. Expedibox fulfills this need everytime with a connected solution that informs you in real-time every step of the way.

With Expedibox, you know exactly when your parcel is dropped off and you can choose the moment it is collected. Done are the days of lost, damaged or left in the open parcels. Done are the days of stressing over missing a delivery or being stuck in traffic to go pick up your goods. The delivery and the reception of parcels should be a simple and pleasant experience, as much for the person making the delivery as the person receiving it, from beginning to end.

Many Applications

Residential Buildings

A solution adapted for anyone who's ever shopped online. Whether it's to order clothes, an electronic device or a quick lunch, no need to pace your living room wondering when you'll get your parcel and in what condition it'll be in. Receive your goods at home in full confidence and pick them up whenever convenient.

Business and Office Towers

A solution to optimize your work environment. Expedibox allows the growth of office efficiency by liberating time and space needed by the designated mail clerk. No need to run after someone or miss time during lunch to recuperate a parcel. Integrating a smart locker in your business or office space offers a sensible, cost-effective solution that makes every day easier for employees and, consequently, more productive.

Pharmacies and other Retail Spaces

A smart solution for the growth of organic in-store traffic and client acquisition. Improve the services you provide thanks to Expedibox drop-off points accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our smart lockers are equipped with top notch security to help with the management and release of products in real time. Whether it's in store or with partners, these lockers allow you to reach your clients at any time in a controlled environment.

Many uses

Expedibox specializes in smart locker development linked to an online management platform that connects, simplifies and optimizes the delivery and reception of parcels or goods. Businesses can also use the lockers to streamline their delivery service.

Parcel delivery

Lunch and food boxes

Cleaning service

Medication delivery

A simple process

Once your account is set up on our platform, you can receive and drop-off parcels in less than 20 seconds.




Demo video



Expedibox lockers are durable, shock-resistant and locked with unique codes.

Locally Made

Expedibox is a Quebec-based company with lockers assembled right here!


No more waiting and making detours on your way home! You can pick-up your parcel in less than 20 seconds at the time that suits you.


Expedibox can be used by any type of delivery service or company.

Easy to use

Whether it to drop-off or pickup your parcel, Expedibox allows you to do it on your own in the blink of an eye.


Expedibox smart lockers come in many shapes and sizes depending on your unique needs.

It's an amazing solution.Beyond package delivery, we use Expedibox internally to exchange important documents!

A. Metras - Directeur

With more than 40 startups in our building, managing the mail system was always an issue. Now, it's a breeze.

Cedric - Administrator

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