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What is a parcel locker?

21 Dec 2022 • Expedibox • Commercial

Parcel Locker

What is a parcel locker?

In concrete terms, a parcel locker is a secure locker with the purpose of receiving packages. It is a solution adapted for residential and commercial buildings allowing the reception and retrieval of parcels at any time of the day. Usually coming in different sizes, a smart locker adapts to the needs of the business or building. It is suitable for both small packages and ready-to-eat boxes. It is the ideal option for optimizing the delivery and receiving processes of packages.

Parcel Lockers: Overview and Realities

Smart parcel lockers have truly changed the delivery industry for delivery companies, owners, but also for consumers.

Their arrival in the market adds security and several benefits in a growing industry. That said, what do they represent in practical terms? What do they bring to you as a consumer but also as a manager in the modern delivery world?

The world of delivery today

It is well known that parcel deliveries have completely exploded in 2021.

In fact, according to Royal Mail statistics, in the United Kingdom, in the five months from April 2021 to August 2021, a 34% increase in parcel deliveries could be noticed compared to the same period before the pandemic, in 2019. In Canada, the same trend is noted. Indeed, from 2019 to 2021, an increase of 13% for parcels from individuals has been noticed and this is only the beginning.

This trend is no different in North America and will continue to increase exponentially. The reality is that a smart parcel locker is an extremely convenient and cost-effective solution for building managers, business owners, but also for recipients.

Depositing a package in a locker

Key Benefits of parcel lockers for businesses

The use of parcel lockers for businesses allows, among many other benefits, all stakeholders to save considerable time in their operations and ensure safe delivery and retrieval of packages.

It is also important to consider that companies save a lot of labor costs by using our lockers. In fact, with Expedibox, you reduce your daily costs by about 15% in terms of order preparation and delivery fees (on average about $12 per package). This makes it the optimal option for not only businesses, but also customers! With an enhanced customer experience, your company’s customers will be even more likely to do business with you.

Smart lockers also offer an important support for your company’s internal logistics. Indeed, with the lockers, it is possible to store tools, your inventory, work material for your employees and more with the objective of keeping the inventory and managing breakage and stock replacement needs.

Smart parcel lockers for residential buildings

Smart parcel lockers for residential buildings

A crucial benefit of using smart lockers in your apartment building is that they allow for safe and secure retrieval while preventing package theft. Parcel theft is an increasingly common phenomenon, and no city is exempt. In fact, according to a Citizens Advice Bureau survey, 25% of respondents reported a package lost or stolen during the summer months of 2021! Parcel lockers prevent theft and give users peace of mind.

Far from being the only benefit of smart lockers for buildings, the visual customization of lockers also represents significant advantages. That said, cleanliness and organization are also important considerations. To learn more about the various benefits of installing a smart locker for your building, contact us!

The realities of parcel lockers for Expedibox

The realities of parcel lockers for Expedibox

Parcel lockers, thanks to their user-friendliness and ease of use, are becoming more and more popular in Canada, but specifically in Quebec. Expedibox is currently present in 25 commercial buildings and 185 residential buildings and this growth curve will continue. The democratization of smart lockers will continue to spread from business to business and from sector to sector.

There are 3 locker trends to keep in mind for the coming years: residential, commercial, and shared. In residential, residential buildings continue to implement parcel lockers to eliminate theft, loss and forgetfulness.

On the commercial side, click-and-collect continues to become a fundamental reality. With the customer experience at the forefront, commercial businesses need to be more flexible and customer friendly. Click-and-collect is therefore becoming essential while lowering costs for businesses.

The perfect option for your building or business

Smart parcel locker installations continue to grow exponentially, and for good reason. They offer a variety of benefits to all stakeholders and can tie into multiple IT, residential and e-commerce systems for unparalleled versatility.

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