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Parcel Lockers

Our parcel lockers are an easy solution for residential and commercial buildings, allowing the drop-off and pick-up of parcels at any time of the day. Our lockers come in several sizes, based on the current needs of online commerce. They are suitable for both small parcels and ready-to-eat food boxes. We currently offer ten locker models that have between 1 and 20 doors.

Outdoor lockers: Based on the same models as our regular parcel lockers, our outdoor lockers are specially designed to operate through all four seasons. Outdoor lockers require additional facilities and unobstructed access to ensure their proper functioning.


Medication Lockers

In order to offer a safe and quality solution for the distribution of medication, Expedibox has developed a smart locker solution integrated with the Mobilus platform, which manages the process of delivering medication to pharmacists.

By following the recommendations made by The Quebec Order of Pharmacists, we have adapted our service to ensure traceability and high reliability when it comes to the distribution of medication. Our lockers can be installed in your pharmacy, in a private business or any other location deemed appropriate and safe.



Expedibox has developed a complete tool management solution that can be integrated into any existing operational chains. Our solution allows for the complete management of the order process, follow-up, approval, analysis and inventory delivery in a totally decentralized way.

Different access levels allow for the entire management of tooling distribution to be completed quickly, efficiently, and at low cost. A technician can quickly search through an online inventory, reserve a tool and receive the pick-up code as soon as their order is approved. Contact us for more information.


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Over 1 Million packages have now been delivered and retrieved with Expedibox users.

Solving your Amazon package woes for your tenants

Your front desk or concierge won't need to manage parcels, losses or thefts, and your tenants can themselves pick-up their parcels easily!

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Intelligent & secure storage lockers for your staff

Times have changed. It's time you make a giant leap and adapt your workplace to your business's current and future demands. To get ahead and to stay ahead. Save time, money, storage space, floor space and the environment by using Expedibox.

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For students, there's no more waiting in lines

Our smart package lockers can be installed in any location on campus, including the resident dormitories. From library materials to food delivery, smart lockers allow for the ultimate user-friendly experience.

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Smart lockers for the delivery of products ordered online!

E-commerce is a rapidly growing industry, as the number of online shoppers increases, so does the need for efficient and secure delivery options. Expedibox are an innovative solution to the challenges of e-commerce delivery and can provide a number of benefits to businesses.

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