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Case Study: How Expedibox Revolutionized Parcel Management for a Large Building in Ottawa

06 Jun 2024 • Expedibox • Smart Parcel Locker

Expedibox Smart Package Lockers

Background: A large residential building in Ottawa, managed by an experienced building manager, was facing significant challenges related to parcel deliveries. The problems included high rates of parcel theft and inefficiencies that were driving up costs and reducing tenant satisfaction. The manager sought a solution that would secure deliveries and streamline operations.

Challenge: The building accommodated over 300 units, and with the rise of online shopping, the volume of daily parcel deliveries had become overwhelming. The existing manual system was not only time-consuming but also prone to security breaches. Parcel thefts were frequent, causing distress among the residents and increasing operational burdens like handling complaints and coordinating with delivery services.

Solution: After researching various options, the building manager decided to implement Expedibox’s smart parcel locker system. Expedibox was chosen for its robust security features, ease of integration, and positive reviews in the property management community.

Implementation: Expedibox Smart Parcel Locker were installed in a readily accessible area of the building’s lobby, with 24/7 availability. The system was integrated, system notified residents immediately when their packages were securely stored in the lockers.


  1. Reduction in Parcel Theft:

    • Before Expedibox, the building faced several parcel theft incidents each month. After installation, incidents of theft dropped to zero, providing a secure environment for residents’ deliveries.
  2. Operational Efficiency:

    • The building staff previously spent several hours each week managing parcel deliveries, which included sorting parcels and handling theft incidents. With Expedibox, this time was reduced by over 75%, allowing staff to focus on other important building management tasks.
  3. Cost Savings:

    • The reduction in staff time spent on parcel management directly translated into cost savings. Additionally, the decrease in theft-related losses and liability claims further enhanced the financial benefits.
  4. Tenant Satisfaction:

    • Tenant satisfaction significantly increased due to the assurance of secure and reliable parcel deliveries. The convenience of 24/7 access to the lockers and instant notifications also contributed to a more positive living experience.

Conclusion: The implementation of Expedibox’s smart parcel locker system transformed the parcel delivery management of the Ottawa building. It not only resolved the issues of theft and operational inefficiency but also enhanced tenant satisfaction and overall building security. This case study demonstrates that integrating smart technology like Expedibox can provide substantial benefits in managing large residential complexes effectively.

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