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Case Study: Resolving Parcel Management Issues with Expedibox Smart Parcel Lockers

02 Jul 2024 • Expedibox • Smart Package Lockers


Montreal, a vibrant and bustling city, is known for its high population density and diverse urban landscape. Property managers in such a city face numerous challenges, from maintaining the buildings to ensuring tenant satisfaction. One such property manager, Mr. Jean-Pierre Dubois, was responsible for a large residential building in downtown Montreal. His building, home to over 200 tenants, experienced significant package management issues, leading to frequent complaints about missing packages and delivery mishaps.

The Problem

With the rise of online shopping, the volume of packages being delivered to Jean-Pierre’s building had increased exponentially. The traditional method of handling packages—where delivery personnel left parcels in the lobby or with the concierge—proved inadequate. Tenants reported missing packages, delayed notifications, and security concerns. Jean-Pierre received daily complaints, which not only strained his relationship with the tenants but also consumed a significant amount of his time and resources.

Challenges Faced

  1. High Volume of Packages: The building received dozens of packages daily, overwhelming the existing manual system.
  2. Security Concerns: Packages left unattended in the lobby or hallways were susceptible to theft.
  3. Tenant Dissatisfaction: Missing and delayed packages led to frequent tenant complaints and frustration.
  4. Resource Strain: The property management team spent an excessive amount of time managing and resolving package-related issues.

The property management team spent an excessive amount of time managing and resolving package-related issues.

The Solution

In search of a robust solution, Jean-Pierre discovered Expedibox, a company specializing in smart parcel management systems. Expedibox offered a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the needs of modern residential buildings.


Jean-Pierre decided to implement Expedibox’s smart parcel management system in his building. The process included:

  1. Installation of Smart Lockers: Expedibox installed a series of smart lockers in a secure area of the building. These lockers were designed to securely store packages until tenants could retrieve them.
  2. Integration with Delivery Services: The system was integrated with major delivery services, allowing delivery personnel to easily deposit packages into the lockers.
  3. Notification System: Tenants received instant notifications via email or SMS when their packages were delivered, along with a unique access code to retrieve their items.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The system included a user-friendly interface for both the property management team and the tenants, making it easy to track and manage deliveries.


The implementation of Expedibox’s smart parcel management system led to several positive outcomes:

  1. Reduction in Missing Packages: The secure lockers significantly reduced the instances of missing or stolen packages.
  2. Increased Tenant Satisfaction: Tenants appreciated the convenience and security of the new system, leading to a noticeable decrease in complaints.
  3. Time Savings: The property management team saved a considerable amount of time previously spent dealing with package-related issues.
  4. Enhanced Security: The building’s overall security improved, as packages were no longer left unattended in common areas.

The secure lockers significantly reduced the instances of missing or stolen packages.


By adopting Expedibox’s smart parcel management system, Jean-Pierre effectively addressed the package management challenges faced by his building. The solution not only improved tenant satisfaction but also streamlined operations, allowing the property management team to focus on other essential tasks. This case study highlights the importance of innovative solutions in modern property management and serves as an example for other property managers facing similar issues.

Expedibox’s smart parcel management system proved to be a game-changer for Jean-Pierre and his tenants, transforming a major pain point into a seamless and secure process.

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