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What is a smart locker?

06 Nov 2019 • Élyane Jourdenais-Lemaire • Smart Parcel Locker

A universal issue

Delivery in and of itself can quickly become complicated. Often, issues stem because of the famous last mile. The last mile of delivery is mired with costs that showcase the problem with these types of deliveries: lost or stolen parcels, accumulation of parcels, late deliveries, unnecessary additional travel…does any of this sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Business offices and residential towers, universities, pharmacies and even merchants are often stuck with the issues related to the delivery of packages mentioned above. These organisations all have one point in common: They aren’t aware of the smart locker solution.

Quicker. Safer. Simpler.

Our definition of a smart locker is: A solution that combines lockers with a technological platform that allow the drop-off and pick-up of packages quickly and easily.

The smart locker allows you to avoid stolen or lost parcels because they are immediately put in a secure place. Smart lockers also save you the cost of travelling because the parcel always gets delivered to their destination. The delivery driver doesn’t have to keep returning to the same address until the recipient answers the door to retrieve their package. The locker is the one that retrieves it. The smart locker decreases the costs of delivery, eliminates the unnecessary need for parcel management, and melts away the frustrations related to missed deliveries.


Function in 6 steps : 

  1.     Installation of lockers
  2.     Creation of your account on our online platform
  3.     Indication of our smart locker as a delivery option in your daily purchases
  4.     Reception of an SMS text message as soon as your parcel has been delivered to our lockers
  5.     Entry of the code you were sent by SMS on our locker interface
  6.     Retrieval of your parcel in less than 10 seconds

Our smart locket can definitively solve several issues that come up with the classic delivery method! To have a better idea of how we can approach your parcel management issues, contact-us!

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