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Case Study: Mid-size Toronto residential building solves package theft with Expedibox Smart Lockers

16 May 2024 • Expedibox • Smart Parcel Locker

Parcel Security: Packages left in common areas were often stolen or misplaced. *


A mid-sized residential building in Toronto faced a significant problem: package theft. With over 200 tenants, the building management received frequent complaints about missing parcels. The traditional package delivery system, where couriers left parcels in a common area or at the front desk, was no longer effective. The frustration among residents was growing, leading to a drop in tenant satisfaction and an increase in management’s workload due to the need to address these complaints.

The Challenge

The main issues were:

  • Parcel Security: Packages left in common areas were often stolen or misplaced.
  • Convenience: Tenants had to coordinate with the front desk for parcel pickups, which was inconvenient for those with busy schedules.
  • Management Overload: Building management spent considerable time dealing with lost package complaints and coordinating with couriers and tenants.

The building management decided to partner with Expedibox, a smart parcel locker company, to address these issues

The Solution

The building management decided to partner with Expedibox, a smart parcel locker company, to address these issues. Expedibox installed a series of smart lockers in a secure, easily accessible area of the building. These lockers offered a range of features designed to enhance security and convenience for both tenants and building management.


  1. Assessment and Customization: Expedibox conducted a thorough assessment of the building’s needs and customized the locker system to fit the available space and volume of parcels.
  2. Installation: The installation was completed within a week, causing minimal disruption to the tenants. 
  3. Integration with Delivery Services: Expedibox coordinated with major delivery services to ensure seamless integration. Couriers were trained to use the system, ensuring they could quickly and efficiently deposit parcels into the lockers.
  4. Tenant Onboarding: Expedibox provided tenants with detailed instructions and a mobile app for managing their deliveries. Each tenant received a unique access code to retrieve their parcels from the lockers.


The impact of Expedibox’s smart lockers was immediate and significant:

  • Reduction in Parcel Theft: With the secure lockers in place, incidents of stolen parcels dropped to zero. The secure, individual compartments ensured that only the intended recipient could access their package.
  • Increased Tenant Satisfaction: Tenants appreciated the convenience of being able to pick up their parcels at any time, without having to coordinate with the front desk. The mobile app provided real-time notifications when a parcel was delivered, adding to the convenience.
  • Operational Efficiency: Building management experienced a significant reduction in the time spent dealing with parcel-related issues. This allowed them to focus on other important aspects of building management.
  • Enhanced Security: The presence of smart lockers, combined with CCTV monitoring, acted as a deterrent to potential thieves, further enhancing the overall security of the building.

The locker features a digital touchscreen interface for package retrieval and management.


The implementation of Expedibox smart lockers transformed the parcel delivery experience in the building. By addressing the key issues of security and convenience, Expedibox not only resolved the problem of missing packages but also significantly improved tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency. This case study demonstrates the value of smart technology in solving modern urban living challenges and sets a benchmark for other residential buildings facing similar issues.

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