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The top 5 features to look for when installing an intelligent parcel locker like Expedibox

10 Jul 2023 • Expedibox • parcel locker

Parcel Locker

The Top 5 Features to Look for When Installing an Intelligent Parcel Locker like Expedibox

Today, I would like to share with you the five key features to look for when installing an intelligent parcel locker, such as the fantastic Expedibox locker. These features will make your parcel receiving experience even more convenient and secure. Here are the essentials:

Icon safety first

Safety first:

Choose an intelligent parcel locker that has a robust locking system, such as a customizable PIN code. This will ensure the security of your parcels until they are retrieved. Expedibox lockers are sturdy, locked with unique codes, and resistant to impacts.

Icon Real-time notifications

Real-time notifications:

Opt for a parcel locker that sends you instant notifications as soon as you receive a package. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you will always know when your valuable packages arrive. Expedibox lockers provide this feature, as everything is automated, allowing you to handle everything independently.

Icon versatile size options

Versatile size options:

Look for an intelligent parcel locker that offers compartments of different sizes. This way, you can receive packages of various dimensions, from small envelopes to large boxes, without any issues. At Expedibox, we understand this, and we offer compartments of different sizes, with the option to add multiple modules, allowing for full customization to your needs.

Icon Integration with carriers

Integration with carriers:

Check if the intelligent parcel locker is compatible with major carriers. This will streamline the delivery process and allow you to choose the most convenient option for you, while benefiting from advanced tracking features. At Expedibox, we work with different partners to make our lockers universal and compatible with any platform. Expedibox can be used by any delivery company or any type of business.

Icon User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface:

Lastly, ensure that the intelligent parcel locker’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive. A simple and quick retrieval process will save you time and make the experience enjoyable with every use. With Expedibox, you can retrieve your parcel in less than 10 seconds, at a time that suits you—it couldn’t be easier!

C16 parcel locker

By keeping these five features in mind, you can fully enjoy the benefits of an intelligent parcel locker like Expedibox.

Offer your tenants, or your customers a hassle-free parcel receiving experience! We also have options for renting lockers so that your customers can store their personal effects during their visit to your business, they can also be used for borrowing tools, picking up online orders, etc.

Offer your tenants or customers a hassle-free parcel receiving experience!

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