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Case Study: Solving Package Theft with Smart Lockers in Buildings

15 May 2024 • Expedibox • Immobilier



A modern apartment complex in downtown Toronto, known for its upscale amenities and high tenant satisfaction, began facing a significant problem: package theft. With the rise of online shopping, tenants received multiple packages daily, often delivered when they were not at home. The building management received numerous complaints about missing packages, which led to frustration and dissatisfaction among residents.

The Problem

The building had a designated package area where delivery personnel would leave packages. However, this area was accessible to all tenants and visitors, making it an easy target for theft. The problem escalated during peak delivery seasons, like the holidays, causing a surge in complaints and a decline in tenant satisfaction.

The Solution: Expedibox Smart Parcel Lockers

In search of a solution, the building management team turned to Expedibox, a leading smart parcel locker company in Canada. Expedibox provided a comprehensive system of secure, easy-to-use smart lockers designed to safeguard delivered packages.

  1. Installation of Smart Lockers: Expedibox installed a series of smart lockers in the lobby area, conveniently located near the building entrance. The installation process was quick and efficient, causing minimal disruption to the daily operations of the building.
  2. Integration with Delivery Services: Expedibox collaborated with major delivery services to ensure seamless integration. Delivery personnel were trained to use the smart lockers, ensuring that they could efficiently store packages in the lockers.
  3. User Training and Support: Expedibox provided training sessions and instructional materials for tenants, ensuring they understood how to use the lockers. A dedicated support team was available to address any issues or questions.
Features of Expedibox Smart Lockers
  • Security: The lockers were equipped with robust security features, including unique access codes for each delivery and anti-theft mechanisms.
  • Convenience: Tenants received real-time notifications via email or SMS when a package was delivered, along with a unique code to retrieve their package from the locker.
  • Accessibility: The lockers were accessible 24/7, allowing tenants to pick up their packages at their convenience.
  • Scalability: The locker system could be easily expanded to accommodate an increasing number of deliveries.


  1. Reduction in Package Theft: Following the installation of Expedibox smart lockers, incidents of package theft dropped to zero. The secure lockers ensured that only the intended recipient could access their package.
  2. Increased Tenant Satisfaction: Tenants appreciated the convenience and security of the smart lockers. The real-time notifications and 24/7 access significantly improved their experience, leading to higher satisfaction and positive feedback.
  3. Operational Efficiency: The building management team experienced fewer complaints and spent less time addressing package-related issues. This allowed them to focus on other aspects of building maintenance and tenant services.
  4. Enhanced Building Reputation: The successful implementation of Expedibox smart lockers positioned the building as a technologically advanced and secure residence, attracting new tenants and retaining existing ones.


The implementation of Expedibox smart lockers transformed the package delivery experience in the apartment complex. By addressing the critical issue of package theft, Expedibox not only improved tenant satisfaction but also enhanced the overall efficiency and reputation of the building. This case study demonstrates the significant impact that smart parcel solutions can have on residential properties, providing a secure, convenient, and reliable method for managing package deliveries.

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