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Three great benefits of having a smart parcel locker in your business

24 Feb 2022 • Rafaël Côté-Rioux • Commercial

Three great benefits of having a smart parcel locker in your business

In an era where e-commerce is more important and popular than ever, it should come as no surprise that this reality is multiplying and that this trend will continue over time. With this type of transaction and “click-and-collect” skyrocketing, it’s important to adapt your business to your clientele. The smart parcel locker is becoming a must-have for your business. 

The smart parcel locker is an integrated technological solution that ensures the safe and automated delivery of parcels. How does it work? Once a package is dropped off in a locker by a delivery person or an internal employee, the customer is automatically informed (by email or SMS) that it’s ready to be picked up, which he can do thanks to an access code that he will have received at the same time. The user only has to enter it on the locker’s touch screen. 

We are convinced that a smart locker can greatly help your business. Here are three major advantages that your company could benefit from by purchasing a smart locker.


  1. Increased efficiency for you and your customers**

With a smart parcel locker, you increase your efficiency and are more versatile and flexible for your customers. Instead of waiting for their package to arrive at the post office, your customers place their order online or over the phone, you prepare it on your end, put it in the locker and the customer picks it up when they can, 24 hours a day, without needing the help of an employee or a clerk. On your side, you gain efficiency on the preparation of orders. You also avoid problems of loss and theft with your customers. 

2. Lower your costs 

By using a smart locker, you reduce your daily operating costs by about 15 % in terms of picking and delivery costs (on average about 12 $ per package). With click-and-collect, the product does not need to be boxed, so the steps of packing and printing labels are eliminated. Less staff is required and less shipping equipment is needed, which reduces your costs. Not to mention that your customers will be delighted not to have to pay for delivery !

3. Simplified management system

To facilitate the management of the database and its update, it’s possible to synchronize the lists of all your customers with the management system you already use in the locker. In this way, you ensure that the customer information contained in your smart locker is always up to date and you limit retrieval errors. Plus, with automation, you save time!

Whether you own a pharmacy, a retail business or any other type of organization, you can count on Expedibox to make life easy for both you and your customers! It’s a positive experience for the consumer while being a cost-effective solution for the merchant! 

Experts are clear when they say that click-and-collect will grow exponentially in the next few years.  Why not follow the trend now? Contact us for more information on how Expedibox can benefit your business.

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