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Put an end to parcel theft in your building!

17 Dec 2020 • Patrick Arseneau • Smart Parcel Locker

Expedibox, a secure service with state-of-the-art technology.

While many news reports focus on lost and stolen parcels, it’s important to put this situation in context and to see how Expedibox can offer you peace of mind.

Exponential growth in the number of deliveries

In order to understand the magnitude of this phenomenon, here are a few examples. Are you ready?

That’s a lot of money…

More concretely, for busy periods like in the month of December, an apartment building with 150 to 200 units receives on average 40 parcels a day. And as La Presse pointed out last October, this doesn’t seem like a trend that will disappear. In fact, the contrary might be true.

More parcels, more problems?

It goes without saying, a large number of parcels create an enormous burden on the receiving end of the process. No one wants to see a pile of parcels in the entrance of their building, let alone have to deal with their potential theft, especially when you consider that more than 1.7 million parcels are stolen (or lost) every day in the U.S. and that about 15% of them fail to reach the recipient on a first attempt..

In fact, more than a third of property and condominium managers say their inbound logistics are not adequate for high volume periods such as during Black Friday sales or the holiday season.

Expedibox: The solution.

So, does an increase in the number of parcels always mean an increase in problems? Not necessarily.

Last November alone, 5,446 packages were safely delivered using the Expedibox smart parcel locker.

Whether it’s for customers with a single locker, or for large-scale projects, Expedibox offers a concrete solution to the problems of theft or pile-up of parcels. Why deprive yourself of a turnkey product, a secure service at the cutting edge of technology and a team that is there for you at all times?

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