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How can you get rid of the constant parcels that pike up in a residential building?

05 Feb 2020 • Élyane Jourdenais-Lemaire • Smart Parcel Locker

From December 9th 2019, over 28 million parcels have been delivered, and their destination in large part was in the lobbies of online consumers1. Is your residential building well equipped to receive all these parcels? Do you have issues relating to the management of your resident’s parcels? If the answer is yes, you’re definitely in the right place.

When parcel overload becomes a real problem

A single residential building can receive up to 150 parcels a week during the year. Who manages all these parcels? In 68% of the time, the job goes to a concierge or designated employee, who will have to give 1 to 4 hours of their time a week to manage the parcels of your residents2.

Parcel overload often comes with its own host of issues. Stolen and lost parcels are unfortunately a common occurrence. The accumulation of parcels is often visible from the entrance of the building. That’s not to mention the unhappy residents that have to travel to the post office because no one was there to greet the delivery person when their parcel came.

The important of taking these issues seriously

We suggest to all residential building owners to equip themselves with a solution to manage the parcels of their residents! In addition to increasing their satisfaction with regards to their housing, this will be particularly relevant as online shopping continues to gain in popularity, throughout the whole year!

How can you resolve the issues related to parcel delivery without building a whole room dedicated to deliveries, without having to employ someone specifically or investing in resources that are way too expensive?

Have you thought of smart lockers?

A survey3 shows that 57% of participants believe the best solution to solve parcel managements issues in their residential buildings is the use of smart lockers. 

Here’s why:

  1. Smart lockers are autonomous. They don’t require your attention or the attention of your employees who already have a lot to do. 
  2. Done are the days of lost or stolen parcels. Smart lockers are very secure and equipped with cameras.
  3. They are easy to use. All your residents will be able to receive their parcels easily.
  4. Your resident’s satisfaction will increase!
  5. Your tenants won’t have to travel to a pick-up location because no one was available when the delivery person came.

In addition to solving many issues related to the parcel of deliveries, smart lockers are a cost-effective solution that is less expensive and more practical than other options!

Thinking about it? Take some time to learn a little bit more about our smart lockers.

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