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Delivery of parcels at work: A solution or a problem?

17 Jan 2020 • Alexandre Vignola Côté • Smart Parcel Locker

Should you encourage the delivery or personal parcels at the office despite the issues that arise from parcel management at the workplace? Is it worth the money? The answer is yes. See why for yourself and especially how you can easily solve these parcel management issues!

Advantage for your employees

One of the best ways to save time for your employees is to allow them to get their personal packages delivered directly to work. They won’t have to leave during their lunch time (and potentially come back late) or leave early in the evening to run their errands. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, the latest book from their favourite author or even groceries, everything can be delivered directly to your employees, at your office.  

The only issue is that this idyllic scenario can easily get out of hands when we multiply the parcels by 10, 100 or 1000! It isn’t an issue… until the receptionist has to remind your employees that they aren’t working at a post office… Does this situation remind you of anything?

Issue for your business 

The issue at the moment with the delivery of parcels to the workplace is the unnecessary burden that your receptionist gets from managing these parcels. They usually already have a lot of tasks to accomplish during their day, and during certain periods, like the holidays, they become buried in a veritable mountain of parcels that need to be distributed. Those that don’t answer have to be tracked down, and parcel theft and loss is still a possibility. This isn’t to mention the physical space that these parcels take up in the office, an unsightly display that can even harm employees if not careful.

Transform your issues into advantages for your business

Solutions exist to allow your employees to benefit from a practical delivery system for their personal packages at work without burdening anyone. The answer is simple. 

Have you thought of using smart lockers?

Already used by local, Quebec based companies such as Ubisoft, Cascades and Hydro-Québec, smart lockers are a cost-effective solution that will solve your parcel management issues.

Here’s why:

  1. Smart lockers are independent. They don’t require your attention or the attention of your employees who already have a lot to do.
  2. Done are the days of parcel theft and loss. Smart lockers are very secure and equipped with cameras.
  3. They are easy to use. All your employees will be able to receive their parcels easily.
  4. Your employee satisfaction will increase!
  5. Your employees will be able to be more productive at work by saving time from traveling and allowing them to pick-up their parcels at work without burdering anyone.

In addition to solving several delivery issues throughout the year, this service allows your business to stand out from your competitors by offering a work environment that facilitates productivity and time gained for your employees. And, usually, employee satisfaction comes with a 15 to 20% gain in productivity1.

Want to know how you can customize smart lockers according to your needs? Contact us! It would be a pleasure to create a bespoke solution that will satisfy you!

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