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December: a busy time for the postal network

22 Dec 2021 • Rafaël Côté-Rioux • Commercial

It’s no secret that December, in this case the holiday season, is an imposing month for the postal network around the globe. The reality is that this chaos will increase exponentially throughout the years.

Did you know that in 2019, according to USPS, over 16 billion packages were delivered during the holiday season? In addition, 57% of consumers migrated to online shopping during this time (Deloitte, 2019)! This number will continue to grow in future years.

With all this traffic and the rise of e-commerce, the question arises: is your building or business ready for this reality? Such a drastic increase of delivered packages also brings issues such as package theft. In a 2019 study conducted by FedEx in Canada, 29% of respondents admitted to experiencing package theft during the holiday season. How can your business or condo building protect itself from this issue?

There are different ways to counteract these thefts, such as smart parcel rooms, in-store pick-up, delivery to a pick-up center and of course smart parcel lockers!

At Expedibox, we offer both the smart parcel locker and smart parcel room solution. With these two solutions, your customers or residents have peace of mind: when they receive a package, they know it is safe because only they can access it with their one-time code!

Packages are no longer lying around in plain sight! Our system keeps packages safe until their owners are able to retrieve them, whether the packages are in residential lockers or in retail lockers, which are increasingly in demand! Moreover, our lockers are also easy to use for delivery workers and can be used by the vast majority of delivery companies!

So, why not protect your packages? Contact us for more information on how Expedibox can help you offer peace of mind to your residents and customers!

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