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The smart locker, an adjustable support at all times

07 May 2020 • Alexandre Vignola Côté • Smart Parcel Locker

The smart locker, an adjustable support at all times

Much like every day in the last few weeks, on Monday morning, our team adapts to the current situation to be able to continue its activities and continue serving our users. The phone rings. It’s our client from the University of Sherbrooke, and they’d like to share a testimony. Danielle takes the time to point out to which degree our service has been useful and even lifesaving in times of crisis.

“Expedibox has saved our lives,” confirms the administrator. “Despite the current situation, some activities have to continue even in the absence of students. Your lockers were optimized to secure the delivery of mail for the entire university community. Beforehand, only resident students benefited from the smart lockers, but, since the pandemic, all faculties and university services use it. Access is easy and allows staff to retrieve mail without direct contact and at the best time for them.

A versatile and adaptable service

When we launched, we worked day and night to offer a personalized service that could be adapted to each one of our clients.

Since the beginning of the crisis, we worked with our current and potential clients to identify the best ways to move within the circumstances. Our lockers are part of a solution allowing the reception or even transit of goods in a simple and secure manner while avoiding physical contact.

“This way of working might be temporary, but it functions so well that we are seriously considering modifying our work methods to include it in the future,” adds Danielle.

An opportunity to transform practices

The current situation forces our society to rethink its way of doing. It’s an occasion to look for alternatives that simplify the delivery process, the transit and the reception of parcels that continues to grow every year. Whether it’s for the sharing of goods between employees or the delivery of foodstuffs for the residents, our smart lockers offer as many possibilities as you can imagine.

The phone call from the University of Sherbrooke was, of course, a huge source of encouragement for us, and we were proud to note that our clients know how to use our products to their full potential. If we are sharing this story today, it’s at the request of our client. As she mentioned:

“We cannot stop singing the praises of Expedibox internally. We told ourselves we had to let you know too! We invite you to use and share our testimony. It might inspire others to try your service.” It’s now done!

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